Advanced FACE


This medical grade treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more even-toned, and more vibrant looking skin beneath.  It improves the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores & blackheads.   Suitable for a large variety of skin types, microdermabrasion achieves outstanding results from the very first session.  Optimal results are achieved when a series of treatments combined with professional aftercare products.

                                                                                             55 mins          $120

                                                                                             Series of 3      $290

                                                                                             Series of 6      $545


Microdermabrasion & Sonophoresis

Sonophoresis is a safe non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound technolovy to infuse active ingredients allowing for maximum absorption.  Vitamin A & C can be used, for example, to intensely nourish, regenerate and hydrate your skin.  An excellent choice to partner with microdermabrasion.

60 mins          $125

Series of 3      $295

Series of 6      $565 


Hydra-Brasion Treatment

This treatment incorporates simultaneous skin resurfacing & vitamin infusion technology to deliver potent anti-ageing ingredients to smooth, plump & boost the skins hydration levels.

50 mins          $110

Series of 3      $280

Series of 6      $495



A-ZymePeel-  this fast acting non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-ageing ingredients to refresh, refine, hydrate & plump your skin.  Works quickly to dramatically diminish fine lines & wrinkles and improve overall skin luminosity.

Mandelic Peel-  Dramatically exfoliates the skin to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.