We use a complete hygienic professional hair removal system ideal for facial & body waxing.   Please let us know is you are/have been using Retin A, Roaccutane or anything else that may affect your skin’s balance.

Pre treatment tips:

·       If you have been shaving we recommend 2-3 weeks growth allowing the hair follicle to reproduce.

·       Avoid sun tanning at least 48 hrs prior to treatment.

·       Exfoliate the day before to allow for a smoother finish.

Aftercare tips:

·       Avoid exposure to heat treatments for 48 hrs   i.e. steam/sauna

·       No perfumed products on the area please.

·       Do not apply tan products 24-48hrs following treatment

·       Avoid swimming & other exercise that induces excessive perspiration


Brow Shaping (initial)                   $18-25

Brow Maintenance                        $20

Lip                                                   $15

Sides of face                                   $22

Brow & lip                                       $27

Lip & chin                                       $25

Underarm                                       $19

Forearm                                          $19

Bikini                                               $25

Intimate waxing                             $55

Intimate maintenance                   $35

Full leg                                            $50

Leg top half                                    $30

½ leg                                               $25


At Vanity Fare we proudly use OZTAN spray tanning products.    With OzTan’s natural olive tones, a safe & natural looking tan is possible instantly.  Renowned for long lasting colour & even fade OzTan solutions dry quickly, are not sti cky or oily & produce no typical “fake tan smell”.   Proudly Australian made with the highest grade Eco Certified Organic DHA & formulated without alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol or synthetic fragrance.  Our range of spray tanning solutions & take home self tanning moisturisers will keep you looking radiant.


·       Please do not use deodorant, perfume or body moisturiser on day of tanning.

·       All hair removal must be done at lease 24hrs prior to service.

·       For optimum results & longevity of your tan, we recommend a body exfoliation prior to have your spray tan.

·       Our Oztan moisturiser will ensure your tans longevity & even fade.

After your tanning session

·       Wear loose clothing & footwear immediately after your session.

·       Moisturise your skin twice a day with Oztan’s Kakadu Plum Body Moisturiser.

·       Always remember to protect yourself against sunburn & use sunscreen when you expose yourself to the sun.

Full body spray $40

Part body Spray $30

Maintenance (within 10 days $30)



Buy 3 Oztan products and get your spray tan ½ price

OZ tan


Relaxation/Aromatherapy Massage

Allow 1 hr             $70


Allow 1 hr             $80

Hot Stone

An invitation to deep relaxation, Hot Stone massage is great to relieve stress & relax tired muscles.

Re-balance and relax mind, body & soul

Allow 1¼ hrs       $95

Pure Ignite

Warm oil is applied to the body cradling the skin in soybean, pure essential oils and delicate plant extracts to banish dry skin.

 Allow 1¼ hrs        $90


Ear candling


Ear Candling - this is a gentle process.

Many ancient cultures from all over the world have used ear candles.

Tribal Sharmans believed it gave them a clearer connection to their Spirits.
Some tribes of Europe and Asia used the candles for their personal well being.

This non-invasive & relaxing treatment is performed using a specially made conical shaped candle. 
When held gently at the edge of the ear it creates a vacuum in the ear, drawing out old wax, residues of past infections and fungus.  It is said, candling can stimulate the immune system & peripheral blood circulation.

If there are any serious concerns, ear disease or infection, consult a physician before treatment.

OUR CANDLES ARE THE BEST WE CAN FIND.   We have adopted the philosophy of using ear candles that are free of chemical residues and are as pure as possible.   They are made of only pure bees was and 100% unbleached cotton.

45 MINS       $45







We believe that beauty is more than skin deep.
Isagenix will bring out the best in you.
A nutritional cleansing program that takes a balanced approach to supporting the body’s natural cleansing & nourishing needs.  This is a lifestyle, not a diet.  A long-term flexible program to provide your pathway to weight loss & complete body health.
Commence your journey towards your weight goals with the 30-day program.  This provides the first steps to taking control of your life, achieving your peak performance and managing your weight.  A great introduction to Isagenix, the program offers a range of unique products that revitalises your whole body by helping to remove impurities and create an optimal environment for improved nutrition.  When you give your body great nutrition, reduce your stress and cleanse your system you’ll be amazed at the benefits.

Some of these benefits include:
•    Weight management
•    Increased energy & greater vitality
•    Improved sleep
•    Mental clarity
•    Clearer pores & more luminescent skin
•    Better digestion
•    Faster recovery after exercise
•    Building lean muscle

Isagenix products offer a whole-body approach to health and wellness that is revolutionising youthful ageing.  From the inside out and the outside in these products offer nutritional cleansing, cellular replenishing & youthful ageing.