What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections relax wrinkle-causing muscles, thereby softening and preventing the development of expression lines, creating a smooth and rejuvenated appearance.

These injections contain a purified protein that has over a 20 year clinical safety profile, and has been used to treat more than 20 million cosmetic patients worldwide. Vanity Fare is proud to use the class leading anti wrinkle product that is manufactured by Allergan. TGA regulations for advertising schedule 4 substances including anti-wrinkle medications prevent us from stating its trade name however it is the most well known cosmetic medical product available and is only administered by qualified medical personnel. 

Prior to its use in the aesthetic cosmetic industry, the product that we use to soften lines and smooth wrinkles has been used to effectively treat many different types of disorders, such as blepharospasm (uncontrolled eyelid twitching), cervical dystonia (spasmodic movement of the neck & shoulders), as well as to relieve the muscular tension associated with cerebral palsy and migraine pain. It truly is a miracle drug. 

Anti-Wrinkle injections are the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the industry.  Anti-wrinkle treatments are one of the safest available for the reduction or softening of wrinkles.

We frequently use anti-wrinkle treatments to treat frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, and lines around the eyes. It may also be used to treat lines around the mouth and those on the neck.

A few tiny injections are administered to the skin that relax the muscles and thus, allows for a smoother, more refreshed appearance. The effect will take three to five days to appear and will generally last for 3-6 months.

Cosmetic Procedures


+How do cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections work?

Given in a series of tiny superficial injections with the finest needles on the market, the product travels to the underlying muscle, blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (chemical messenger) responsible for muscular contraction. This relieves the expression lines at the skin surface, creating a smooth and refreshed appearance. After a period of time, new nerve pathways are formed, which gradually enable transmission of the chemical messenger to the muscle, thereby slowly reactivating muscular contraction.

+How long do cosmetic anti-ageing injections last?

Once injected, you may begin to notice results within 2-3 days; however it can take up to two weeks to observe best results. The expected duration of results of anti-wrinkle injections can vary from individual, and this is dependent on a number of factors including the dose administered, one’s condition, hydration, metabolic rate and degree of muscular use in the treatment area. For most patients, anti-wrinkle injections are best scheduled between 3-4 monthly intervals to maintain results.

+Do anti-wrinkle injectable treatments have any side effects?

Minor side effects may include temporary redness and minor swelling at the treatment site. These symptoms are very normal and will usually subside within 10-20 minutes. There is also the potential for minor bruising at the treatment site, which is usually easily concealed with a quality mineral concealer. We pride ourselves on a ‘no-rush’ approach to all treatments and will happily assist all clients with post treatment concealing makeup application if requested.

+Will anti-wrinkle injections work on my skin?

Effectiveness of anti-wrinkle injection treatment will depend on three main factors – your age, how prominent the lines are, and the overall condition of your skin. We at Vanity Fare proudly uphold our professional duty of care to counsel you on a healthy lifestyle including smoking cessation and protection from the sun which are both imperative to overall health, illness prevention and anti aging.

+Will my face look frozen after the treatment?

At Vanity Fare, we aim to treat our clients conservatively with anti-wrinkle injections and provide a ‘less is more’ conservative approach to all treatments. Consultations are essential to determine your requirements, discuss expected treatment results as well as to educate pre and post anti-wrinkle treatment care.

+Is it safe to combine anti-wrinkle treatment with other cosmetic products or procedures?

Yes. Dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals are regularly used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injection treatments, so as to help improve and restore skin quality, smoothness and volume. Combination treatment is beneficial to obtain an overall refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. We will work with you to formulate a customized treatment plan with the aim of providing optimum results.

+How long have cosmetic injections like this been used?

Anti-wrinkle injections have been used to successfully treat an extensive range of medical conditions dating back to the 1960`s. For the past two decades anti-wrinkle injections have been used for cosmetic purposes and there have been no reported adverse long-term side effects of the treatment according to the scientific and medical peer reviewed literature.

+Will I bruise after an anti-wrinkle injection treatment?

There is the potential for some minor bruising at the site of treatment, and this is usually easily concealed with a little make-up. Please note that, unless medically required, the use of anti-inflammatory and blood thinning medication should be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior to your anti-wrinkle treatment. Please obtain the consent of your prescribing doctor prior to discontinuing such blood thinning medication. The ingestion of alcohol pre treatment as well as fish oil supplements may also increase your bruising potential.

+Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding have anti-wrinkle injections?

We do not perform anti-wrinkle treatments on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

+Is it safe to have anti-wrinkle injections if I have a cold?

Yes. It is safe to have anti-wrinkle injections if you are suffering a cold, and the treatment will not worsen your condition, however we at Vanity Fare recommend our patients wait to have treatment when in better health.

+Anti-wrinkle injection treatment – comfort

Anti-wrinkle injections only take a few minutes and for most patients it is a very comfortable procedure. If required, we can offer a topical anesthetic ointment to ensure the treatment is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Treatments are performed in a specialized medical treatment room that is aesthetically pleasing, warm, private and calming, and we have recently acquired a state of the art, ergonomically designed treatment lounge to maximize client comfort.

+Anti-wrinkle injections - post-treatment care

It will generally take between 2-3 days for the anti-wrinkle injections to settle into the target muscles and it is imperative to refrain from massaging, rubbing or applying heavy pressure to the treatment area/s. It is important to remain upright for the first 4 hours and to abstain from exercise for 48 hours post anti-wrinkle treatment. This will prevent migration of the product to other facial muscles and structures. We endeavour to ensure your absolute satisfaction with the treatment outcome and will arrange for post treatment review and follow up.

+Contra-indications - When shouldn't I have anti-wrinkle treatments?

Anti-wrinkle injection treatment is not suitable for those suffering a neuromuscular disorder, nor if you are pregnant, potentially pregnant or breast-feeding. It is very important to disclose all medical conditions/medications during the consultation so that we can ascertain your suitability for anti-wrinkle treatment and provide a fully informed medical consent process.