Ear candling - this is a gentle process.

Many ancient cultures from all over the world have used ear candles.
Tribal Sharmans believed it gave them a clearer connection to their Spirits.
Some tribes of Europe and Asia used the candles for their personal well being.

This non-invasive & relaxing treatment is performed using a specially made conical shaped candle. 
When held gently at the edge of the ear it creates a vacuum in the ear, drawing out old wax, residues of past infections and fungus.  It is said, candling can stimulate the immune system & peripheral blood circulation.

If there are any serious concerns, ear disease or infection, consult a physician before treatment.

OUR CANDLES ARE THE BEST WE CAN FIND.   We have adopted the philosophy of using ear candles that are free of chemical residues and are as pure as possible.   They are made of only pure bees was and 100% unbleached cotton.

45 mins       $45