Waxing and Tinting

           Eyelash tinting    $20

Eyebrow tint       $15

Lash & Brow together    $30

Lash & brow tint & brow shape     $40



These are semi-permanent & made of synthetic fibres and curved to replicate a natural eyelash.

Why would I get eyelash extension?

·       They enhance a beautiful feature on your face – your eyes- allowing them to look more open.

·       Your eyelashes appear longer & fuller with a complete natural look.

·       They are a great confidence boost.  You'll be receiving compliments but people won't be sure what different.

·       A very relaxing & pain free treatment.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

·       Please arrive at your appointment free of eye make-up, including mascara. The smallest traces of make-up can compromise the adherence of the artificial lash to the natural lash.

·       Do not curl your lashes.


·       It is best to avoid steam/saunas/baths or hot water on lashes for 48hrs after application.

·       Do not pull at eyelashes as this may cause your own natural lashes to fall out prematurely.

·       Please do not perm, tint or use a lash curler on your lash extensions.

·       Swimming will weaken the bond between the lash extension and your natural lash.

              Full set (including follow-up within 2 wks)  $135

Half set                                                             $ 80

Infills                                                    $2 per lash

Eye Lashes


Eye brows

Brows frame the face and are one of the most important facial features yet are often overlooked.  They create balance and proportion while framing the eyes and highlighting our emotions.  Everyone has their own unique eyebrows to complement their eye shape.

At Vanity Fare Launceston we love eyebrows and will help define, shape & enhance your brows.  Also available to take home is our fabulous La Glam ‘Brow Beauty’, 100% minerals & 100% staying power. 

Brow Shaping                       $18 - $25

Brow maintenance                       $20

Shape & Tint                         $25 - $30

Transform your face with the right brows.  This is the most effective non-invasive treatment on the market.  Suitable for those who have good eyebrows or no eyebrows.  Creating fullness and definition, waterproof and smudge proof for weeks.

Free Consultation

3D Brows                                from $45